dishwasher drama

So, one of the nicer things about moving home after graduating college is what i like to call home cookin’! My mom is a GREAT cook and she frequently whips up delicious homemade meals!! Some of my faves are her homemade spaghetti and meatballs and her beef vegetable stew…so, last night we resorted to an old Kennedy family favorite aka the bbq! Dad whipped up some chicken and steaks and we paired it with “baked” (aka microwaved to save time) potatoes, and a salad with tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, peppers, sunflower seeds, and parmesan cheese…this meal was delish and a nice treat to come home to after a long day at work and a tiring workout at the gym!!

However, one thing that typically happens when my entire family (6 of us…mom/dad/me/2 sisters/ 1 brother) sits down to dinner is inevitably at some point an argument breaks out. It’s not like we aren’t a close family or one of us is really weird or even that the fights are huge big things, but someone always says or does something that annoys or upsets someone else and things usually end with my mom leaving the table in a storm and my dad shaking his head at us “kids” because we just had to push things to that level. Last night we argued over why the dishwasher was full and no one had run it? Why this turned into a fight I don’t know, but let’s just say all of our dinner dishes last night got hand washed by 4 unhappy little campers! One of our best arguments I can remember came this past October when I decided to declare randomly that I was going to give up looking at my little brother for Lent….why I decided to make this statement I have no idea, especially because Lent doesn’t typically begin until February/March and we were in no way discussing Lent or anything religious for that matter..but ya I went there and things ended the way they always do at family dinner night at the Kennedy house…someone in tears and mom totally peeved!! hmmm I am thinking maybe we should just try not talking next time we sit down at the table or maybe have like preapproved speaking topics?? haha Luckily no one in our family really holds on to things so our rebound rate is usually pretty fast!!

Ok, next thing on the agenda is breakfast this morning!!! I had a Thomas Whole Wheat English Muffin topped with a Morning Star Veggie Sausage Patty and paired with a Fage 2% Greek Yogurt. Just toast the muffin, microwave the sausage patty, and enjoy!

breakfast day 3

Oh, and I also got a small, nonfat latte on my way to work as well! I will be posting my workouts from yesterday and this morning later today, so enjoy your afternoon!!


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