sore knees & flapjacks.

bored 4

Why hello there! Can’t you tell that I am just so stoked to be at work today! haha at least it is Thursday, so that means the weekend is quickly approaching 🙂 yay!!

Anyways, yesterday afternoon I posted my treadmill workout that I was going to do at the gym…however I had some unforeseen problemos aka my knees felt like they were going to give out after approximately 35 minutes of hill work and so I ended up doing a light jog and then calling it quits so I could go stretch after 43 minutes! Not the workout I had intended, but I know that it is important to listen to my body and what it is telling me and last night it was telling me to take it easy!!! I actually did some really good stretching to loosen up and then added some planks and about 10 minutes of arm machines before heading home for dinner!

And dinner just happened to be my favorite food in the whole world…PANCAKES!!!

breakfast day 1 photo

These pancakes are actually pretty healthy and easy to make..all I did was mash up 1 banana and then add 1 egg, a spalsh of vanilla extract, a handfull of mini chocolate chips, & a dash of cinnamon. Once I had my pancake mix ready to go I heated up a pan, sprayed it with some cooking spray and spooned out my mixture into 3 medium size pancakes. I let each side cook for about 5 minutes and then topped with some syrup/nutella/& fresh fruit! It was super yummy and quick to whip up!!

Then, this morning began with a 45 min. elliptical workout, which i will post later & some abs! Breakfast was a handful of granola, some grapes, a nonfat latte, and overnight oats…

breakfast day 5

I simply made my original overnight oat recipe and topped with dried cherries, salted almonds, & some raspberries…yumalicious!! Once again my overnight oats did not disappoint and my tummy is definitely full and satisfied this morning!

Well, hope everyone enjoys their morning and I will be back later to post some of my healthy and unhealthy eating habits…ttyl!


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