will i ever get tired of overnight oats??

monday week 2 breakfast

Yesterday’s breakfast is shown above and was my original overnight oats mixed with a scopp of sunbutter and then added apples/cinnamon/& an extra scoop of sunbutter on top!

breakfast week 2 tuesday 

This morning was original overnight oats again, mixed with a scoop of sunbutter, and topped with raspberries/blueberries/& honey roasted peanuts…can you say salty, sweet goodness?!

The funny thing about overnight oats is that I always think I am going to mix up my breakfast options, but then I get home every night and when I go to pack my breakfast for the following day the only thing I want is overnight oats!! They are just such a power house of nutrients and keep me full for quite a long time!

So last night for dinner I had a bowl with quinoa/asparagus/& chicken, topped with a dash of balsamic vinegar! It was super fast and easy to prepare because the chicken was precooked, so all I had to do was sauté it in a pan with the asparagus and add it on top of my quinoa, which was also precooked and simply zapped in the microwave to warm it up! Then, like every girl last night I tuned in for the season finale of The Bachelor!!!

I feel like Sean really got a quality group of girls this season, so I ended up really liking his finally two girls and was happy to see him and Catherine still happy together after taping!

Sean seemed like the total package with good morals, a good family, and obvi a super hot bod!!! Seems like Catherine got a quality man and though I am skeptical of finding love on The Bachelor (I always hate when in the final episode the bachelor/bachelorette talks about how they have no idea who they are going to pick…I mean like really though, you have to have some inclination or else I don’t think you love either of them!), but anyways I think the two of them seem genuinely in love!

Alright, I am going to do a workout post in a bit..gotta do some work though now haha talk to ya’ll lata!


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