5 things you didn’t know about me…

Before I get to the good stuff…aka 5 odd/quirky yet lovable things about me haha I will share lunch and my workout plan for this evening!!!

Ok, so after breakfast I had a handful of chocolate covered raisins- courtesy of my office kitchen and also a bag of Angie’s Classic Sweet & Salty Popcorn (tastes like kettle corn, but is made with all natural ingredients like popcorn/sunflower oil/ evaporated cane juice/& sea salt..yum!).

Then for lunch I had a salad with butter lettuce/dried cherries/brie cheese/pistachio meat (the inside sans shell)/& Annie’s Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing….

monday lunch salad

On the side I also had a piece of multigrain french bread with orange marmalade spread on top!

monday lunch bread

Yum, nothing better than a piece of fresh bread!! And, orange marmalade is my ultimate favorite jam, so that was an added bonus!

On to my workout plan that I made..I will be doing a run similar to last Monday, which was where I do a 4 min. incline walk, 4 min. jog/run, 2 min. hard incline walk, and then repeat this with added intensity! This treadmill workout is definitely one of my favorites, as it incorporates enough recovery time to be doable and also mixes things up so I never get bored while I do it!

Then, I plan on doing some arms & abs to round out my workout, so we will see how this goes!

PicMonkey Collage

Ok, now on to 5 things about me time! Woo!

  1. I am kind of a low key nerd in that I love school, was valedictorian in high school, and went to UCLA for my undergrad
  2. I have known that I wanted to be a lawyer since I was in 8th grade and have never changed my mind, despite people telling me how hard law school is/ how boring being a lawyer can be haha apparently i am just a boring nerd who is looking forward to law school..what can i do?!
  3. I am the oldest of 4 kids and have a bizarrely close knit family! Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you how much we all support each other, make each other laugh, and are there for each other! We also are hugely sarcastic and so most of the time we are just making jokes that only we think are funny haha it’s weird, but whatever..i love my fam!
  4. I make BOMB cd’s/playlists! In high school I was always designated to make people cd’s like monthly and I loved it! Some of my friends even tell me that they still listen to mixes I made like over 4 years ago! haha I just have a gift of picking the right placement of songs, so that the playlist always seems to have variety and a nice flow from song to song…I seriously shoulda been a DJ! Screw law school, new life plan! haha just kidding, if only I could support myself on a DJ salary I’d probably be in!
  5. I can’t sleep in! It’s like I am kind of a grandma…I like to be in bed by 10 and I can wake up easily at the crack of dawn! Morning workouts are no prob for me because I honestly don’t mind getting up at 5 am! There is something about the calmness early in the morning that I just love and though sleeping in is nice on the weekends and every once of a while, I am definitely an early bird!


Ok everyone! Hopefully you now know a little more about me! If you have any more questions or anything you want to know about me just leave a comment and I will answer your questions!

Hope you all enjoy your evenings and I will see you tomorrow! Adios mis amigos 🙂


9 thoughts on “5 things you didn’t know about me…

    • the hardest part is just getting out of bed! when my alarm goes off i always debate just hitting snooze, but i usually turn my light on- wash my face/brush my teeth and then am up and ready to go! just try setting your alarm early and getting up right when it goes off, once that part is done, the rest is cake 🙂

  1. Welp you’re just continuing the trend of us being the SAME person haha. Those last three fun facts specifically- I’m also the oldest of four (and have an insanely close/hilarious/tight knit family of freaks), make the best/most thoughtful mixes, and if I’m not on a bed by 10-11, up by 7-9 schedule- I’m not very happy.

    We should make each other mixes some time… just sayin’

    • Oh my gosh, this literally is too funny! Who knew that I had an East Coast alter ego! I can’t believe you are the oldest of 4 kids too…I barely ever meet people who have such big families 🙂

      And um yes we totally should make each other mixes…I have been wanting some new runnin jams!! Lets do it!

      • What’s the best way to make each other mixes? I no longer have a computer with a cd-rom drive (womp). We could be old school and mail each other usb’s with mixes… or is there some other better way? I’m a technology n00b.

      • haha i’m down with the old school usb way 🙂 hey, we have to make it work somehow!!! and now i am going to sound like a noob, but is usb like a flash drive? haha if so, then that works for me!

  2. I can relate to this because your family sounds exactly like mine 🙂 can’t relate to the not being able to sleep in thing though 😉 – Tegan mysweethole.wordpress.com

    • haha aw glad you have such a close family! It is so nice to have such a great support system and if your family is anything like mine then it also means that you always have someone there to make you laugh!

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