my gym pet peeves.

Hey urybody!!!!

Hope your Thursday is a flyin’ by and then before we know it Friday will be upon us!!!

Shall we start with my annoyance during spin class last night..well there were two things that annoyed me so lets roll through both…

numero uno. people should not wear sports bras with no shirts while at the gym. like seriously i really don’t care if you have the most ripped 6 pack in the whole history of the world, just don’t do it. it is obnoxious, showy, and kind of just makes me wanna smack you for being so cocky. and like seriously sometimes at the gym i get insanely sweaty, but i never just whip off my shirt haha maybe if it were like some extreme situation and i felt like i was going to pass out from being so hot and sweaty i would..but i am pretty sure that would NEVER happen because the gym is air conditioned homies!! gah just had to vent that one out.

numero dos. the spin instructor who teaches the 5:30 class i usually go to after work has been playing the same freaking cd for the past 3 weeks!!! like we do the same drills to the same music and i am literally about to go insane! like whip out a new cd homeboy…after all it is your job to teach spin aka you are getting paid to do it…so in my opinion not prepping new music for class is sort of like not doing half your job….anyone else feel me on this?! like i can see maybe every few weeks replaying a playlist…but not 3 weeks straight! that is approximately 6 spin classes i have gone to and heard the same music!!!

haha ok wow apparently i had a lot of anger built up inside of me today..glad i could get it all out! and please people comment and tell me i am not crazy for feeling this way about these things…or tell me i am crazy and then i will just get over it haha but either way, let me know your opinions!

Alrighty, so after spin last night I came home and was craving salmon and veggies! I had bought these frozen salmon patties a while back and figured they would still be good because I had frozen them…um yikes when cooked the salmon def tasted like it had freezer burn and was super dried out! i even tried topping it with some orange marmalade to help moisten it up..but no success! I ate like 3/4 of it and then just enjoyed my roasted zucchini and squash that i had made!

wednesday dinner

Then, this morning I got up early and got my workout on…

thursday workout

I actually have been pushing myself distance wise when I run because I want to do a half marathon soon, so today I felt like I really got a lot of bang for my buck aka worked hard for it being so early! haha

I expanded a little on this workout and ended up getting in almost an hour of running, with only 10 minutes of that being walking on an incline!

workout 2

And yes, that would be my handwriting…in case you were wondering what it looked like, which i am sure you were!

Then, breakfast was another smoothie! I am just loving my portable smoothie maker clearly!This smoothie had greek yogurt, almond milk, spinach, frozen mango, fresh strawberry, & 1/2 of a banana..topped once again with some homemade granola goodness!

thursday breakfast

Then, during my lunch break I hit up Nordy Rack once again…I just browsed the store yesterday and took in what I saw, then today I went back and got a couple of things that I decided I really did like! It’s always a good plan to sleep on it before buying clothes, at least for me it is! Keeps me from making impulse buys!

When I got back I was greeted with freshly baked cookies!!!


Yum, I devoured half of this before lunch and the other half after!

Lunch for me was a super yummy kale salad…

thursday lunch 1

It had strawberries, carrots, celery, feta, dried cherries, cinnamon almonds, and a honey/apple cider vinegar dressing…sooo good & fresh 🙂

Alrighty, I am off to finish up my last hour at work and then hit the grocery store before going to my little sister’s play tonight! Hope you all enjoy your evenings and I will see you back here tomorrow!


Weekend Recap!

dinner friday week 1

Dinner Friday night was absolutely amazeballs! I used 1 pan and 1 tbsp. coconut oil to sauté about 1/2 cup sweet potato (I bought them frozen/already diced up & simply zapped them in the microwave for a minute before adding to pan), 1/4 cup squash (again i bought precut), 1/3 cup black beans, 1 cup spinach, & 1 tsp. minced garlic… Once everything was all cooked up, I put it all in a bowl and topped it with cilantro/mango salsa/& guac!!! This was seriously so bomb I think I may have to have it again for dinner tonight!

Dinner was then followed with a yummy homemade dessert…dessert friday week 1

My sister and I bought premade cookie dough and baked it in these little ovensafe dishes..then we topped it with some slow churned cookie dough ice cream and split 2 of them 3 ways! I was stuffed by the end of the night, but it was seriously worth it!

Next up is breakfast Saturday morning…typically I end up going to the gym at around 10:30 or 11 on Saturday mornings, so i always have a little breakfast before I go just to tide me over! This weekend I made a yogurt parfait w/ Greek Yogurt, Peanut Butter Granola, & Blueberries…I also enjoyed a nice cup of Caramel Coffee and a banana on the side…

breakfast saturday week 1

After the gym my mom and I went to lunch and i got a veggie sandwich on whole wheat bread and we hit the grocery store where I picked up these items…

groceries week 2

yogurt, bananas, apples, berries, sunbutter, bread, vanilla soy milk, salad, beans, & luna bars..I still had some nuts/veggies/rolled oats/ & meat from last week so my load wasn’t too big this week!

On Sunday I had the MOST AMAZING french toast ever!!! It was a baguette filled with mascarpone cheese, and topped with berries & whipped cream…seriously one of the best things I have ever eaten and unfortunately I practically inhaled it so I didn’t get any pics!!!

Well, that concludes my weekend eats….kind of went overboard with the snacking and sweets, so it is time to hunker down this week and get back on my schedule! I will post later about today and include some workouts..adios!!