we all just want to be happy.


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Happy Thursday everyone! There is nothing I love more than some quality quotes!

I feel like lately things have been crazy and busy and confusing and time feels like it is flying by…and at the end of every day I feel like all I really want is to be loved and accepted by others.

For so many years during my eating disorder I was so wrapped up in myself, that I lost so many connections with my friends and family. I was wrapped up in a web of lies and I had no idea who I even was anymore.

But now, for the first time in what feels like forever, I finally am coming to accept myself and know myself. I know what I like, and things I want to do, and I am setting goals for myself and am truly excited for the future…whatever it may bring. Sure, it is a scary concept that I don’t know so much of what my life has in store for me…but all I can do is take things one day at a time.

That whole “one day at a time” thing was something my grandma always said, and I have a little prayer card where she wrote that on it… and there is something about seeing her handwriting and thinking of her that has made me really take this quote to heart.

I can’t stress about the future (too much haha) because I don’t really know what it has in store. However, I do know what my goals are, and I know that if I work each day towards those goals and towards being the person I want to be…well then the future shouldn’t really be that scary!

I think the main thing I struggle with now is having the acceptance of others. I try and make  my own decisions on a daily basis, yet so much of my happiness is based on having the approval of my friends, family, coworkers, etc. I don’t really know what the solution to this is…I try basically to follow my instincts and do what feels right to me…yet at the end of the day I thrive on the love of others, so maybe life is just a little give and take?

You make your own decisions, surround yourself with people who support you, and hope that in the end things will have a way of working out.


it ain’t easy, but it’s worth it.


Good morning all!

Sooo happy today is Friday! Finally some time to sleep in, read, have coffee while watching the morning news (or if it’s Sunday then watching SNL from the night before!!), go out to breakfast, clean, do laundry,  take afternoon naps, watch hockey, cook yummy food, go hiking, shop!, restock my groceries, do yoga…yada yada yada I could keep going but these seem to be my favorite weekend things to do!

This weekend my sister and I have plans to go for a hike in Laguna Beach, so that should be fun! Hopefully we stick to it, because sometimes we can be lame and decide to stay in our pj’s all day rather than embark on the adventure we had planned! haha but we will see!

Anyways, lets start with last night…check out how nice it was out yesterday!

road pic

This was on my drive home from work…everything just looked so clear and pretty! Plus my favorite time of day is in the late evening like from 4-7 during spring/summer, when the sun starts going down and there is a nice warm breeze and everything just feels calm and serene out! It literally is the best time to go for a swim or take a walk or sit on the porch and enjoy the warm weather and last bit of daylight. Gah, I am so excited for summer to get here!!!

Last night I went to dinner with a friend at a nice restaurant right on the marina. We went right as the sun was setting and we could look our from our table to see the water, boats, and sunset, which made for quite a nice atmosphere! Dinner was a goat cheese & beet salad, fried brie appetizer, and 3 mini sliders (1 short rib, 1 kobe beef, 1 pulled pork, all delicious!).

week 3 thursday dinner

Here is the only pic I remembered to snap…and it’s kind of wimpy since the sliders are pretty much devoured at this point haha but I can assure everything tasted wonderful!

This morning I was able to get up early and attend spin class like I did last week! Once again I got such a great workout and it really helped loosen up my still sore legs (darn you squats!).

week 3 friday spin class


Finally, breakfast this morning was a veggie juice to start with again…

week 3 friday juice

I felt like such a little health nut getting my fresh veggie juice after spin class haha look at me go!

When I got home after the gym I had a banana w/small scoop of sunbutter and some vanilla soy milk. Then, at work I had a cereal mix of Special K Vanilla Almond, topped with blackberries/raw cashews/& vanilla soy milk..yum!

week 3 friday breakfast close up

So far it has been a good day and I have been in a very good mood! While I was sitting in spin this morning I just had this moment where I realized how far I have come in my eating disorder recovery and how much better off I am now than I was a year ago!

It is crazy how much things can change if you commit yourself to something. And most of the time the hardest part are the first few days of changing your habits & behaviors. I remember feeling so uncomfortable at first when I started to eat normally and healthfully. However, I eventually came to find that I enjoyed living a healthy lifestyle and now I cannot imagine living any other way!

Hopefully for anyone out there struggling with self-confidence, or an eating disorder, or overeating, or any hard time really I hope you remember that you have the strength to overcome anything. All you have to do is reach inside yourself and find something that will make it worth while for you to make it to a better place. For me it really came down to the fact that I really want to have kids some day and I knew that if I continued to starve myself or purge anything I ate, I would never be able to have a family! For me that was all I needed to make a huge change in my life.

I started reading every book I had on recovery and looked to some of the coping methods I had learned while in an intensive eating disorder recovery program and I began to actually listen to what all of the therapists, doctors, and recovered e.d. sufferers were saying! I am not saying it was easy, but I am saying that I am so much happier now that I ever thought was possible. I feel strong and healthy and happy to be alive, and I hope to share my story and my strength with others who may be suffering and need a person to believe in them.

So, anyone out there if you need someone to listen to you or support you or give you any advice at all…I am here and willing to help!


my 4 essentials to a healthy life.


I seriously think these are the keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle! I am on this new kick where I try to drink 8 full glasses of water a day! Do I have to pee a lot…yes! Is it worth it…yes!! I feel more energize, skin seems to be more clear, and helps me stay fuller longer..making me think that a lot of times I was confusing thirst for hunger!

Working out also gives me tons of energy! Working out and being active helps wake me up and allows me to set goals for myself and work hard to achieve them. It helps keep me positive and allows me to get out any pent up anger or aggression as well.

Healthy eating varies person to person…I think it is key to include a variety of different foods in your diet, including as much fresh and unprocessed foods as you can! What helps me is eating lots of fruits, veggies, grains, lean meats, healthy fats, and also allowing myself indulgences like chocolate and ice cream, but within moderation.

Last, sleeping well is key to performing your best. Without adequate sleep I feel groggy and off. Sleep allows us to recharge and maintain focused the following day, so make sure to get your zzz’s!

Alright, on to my lunch today…

week 3 tuesday lunch

Smoked salmon/spinach/& cream cheese on an everything bagelwich.

week 3 tuesday lunch side

Snap peas on the side for a little extra something to keep me full! Fruits and veggies are my go to sides because they sit heavy in my stomach and make my fullness last longer!

On to my workout plan for this evening, which is…

march 19 workout plan

Well, I am off to make myself an afternoon snack..large apple/ large spoonfull of nut butter..check and check! Talk to you all tomorrow 🙂

Staying On Track the Healthy Way

motivational quote

Hey everybody! So, today has been a good day so far and I wanted to write a little about my journey trying to regain my identity during my recovery from my eating disorder. But first let me fill you in on my workout/dinner/& breakfast!

Workout last night went better than expected! I was feeling kind of crumby as I posted yesterday, but then I had a bagel think & cream cheese, lots of water, and got ready for a hard workout! When I got to the gym I was able to do my 50 min. workout, even going harder than I had planned at some points! I also did my ab routine and saved the squats for today because I was getting tired at that point. I typically get bored at the gym after like an hour, but can make myself stay for like an hour and fifteen or twenty minutes but that’s tops!

week 3 monday workout

After the gym I showered and then prepared myself a super yummy quinoa caprese bowl! I basically took some leftover cooked quinoa and added in fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, and balsamic, mixing everything together for a super yummy dish!

I also snacked on some dark chocolate covered power berries from Trader Joes and some peanut butter/berries while preparing my lunch for today!

Breakfast this morning was a Special K Yogurt Parfait…

week 3 tuesday breakfast

Which was a contained of Trader Joe’s Mango flavored greek yogurt, topped with a scoop of Fage 0% Plain greek yogurt, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and some Vanilla Almond Special K cereal for some crunch! I have been trying to branch out and try some different breakfast options, because for the past few weeks I have been all about overnight oats!! haha anyways tomorrow I am thinking of trying out a bagel or oatmeal, so we will see if I can come up with a new fave breakfast option! If anyone has suggestions that are portable or easy to make using just a microwave and/or a toaster oven..let me know!!

Snack this morning was a banana, chocolate chip chewy bar, and vitamin water zero…just in case you were curious as to what my snacks are at work haha

Ok, now to the meat of this post…identity and how to be yourself in a world so full of judgment!

For me, during my years with an eating disorder I became a weird and different version of myself. Since I was consistently isolating myself, lying, and hiding away, I lost all sense of the person I was and the person I wanted to be. I let go of all of my morals and everything that was important to me. I was lying to my friends and family, so therefore they learned to not trust me and eventually even they did not care to be around me. I was hurting myself and then lying to make it seem like things were better than they really were. In all honesty I have never been more fragile, afraid, lonely, and confused as I was during those years.

However, as I have progressed in my recovery I have become more comfortable with the person that I am! I feel like I now know more about my positive and negative character traits and have tried to work on my negative ones to make myself a better person all around. I know I can be impatient, judgmental, a control freak, and sometimes insecure, but the more I try to stay aware of those characteristics, the more likely I am to catch myself when I start to display them.

I now try to be myself and have learnt that if others don’t like who I am, then tough luck for them! I am now more selective about who I am friends with because I have realized that there are only a few people who will really be there for me when the goings get tough! And I would way rather surround myself with people who make me feel good about myself, rather than have tons of people who don’t give a crap about me!

I have come to see that I want to be a person who lives a healthy life and is responsible and fun to be around. I try to help out others as much as I can and do kind things for no reason or without being asked. I try to keep a positive outlook on life and realize that no matter what happens there is always another day and another way to make things better!

If anyone is struggling with finding their identity or want to better themselves I would suggest making a list of qualities you admire in other people and then using that as a guide for yourself. But also remember that you are who you are and sometimes you have to find ways to make your personality work for you. Never be afraid to be who you are because the people who don’t like you are better off not in your life anyways!!

In conclusion, take a second to think about this quote…it really helps me in times when I am feeling down…

Pinned Image

Enjoy and I will be back later with lunch and today’s workout agenda 🙂

weekend recap!

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had great weekends and St.Patty’s days!! I know my weekend was definitely packed…I went beach camping, shopping, got my nails done, cooked, did laundry, went to the store, went out with friends, got brunch with the fam, hit the gym, napped…seriously it was hectic! haha but definitely so much fun and being at work now is super hard after such a fun few days!

So, lets start with Friday night..I went to Trader Joes after work and got groceries for the week…even putting together a grocery list based on some meals that I planned for the week! I will share some of those ideas with you in a bit! Once I stalked up at the store, I came home and prepared a super healthy and delicious dinner for my 2 sisters and I…

week 2 friday dinner close up

So, basically I got everything out and ready to go before I started cooking… which was

2 boneless wild caught salmon filets

1/2 cup mango salsa

3 tsp. brown sugar

3 tbsp. rice vinegar

3 tbsp. olive oil

1 avocado diced

1 lemon

3 cups kale

1 tbsp. minced ginger

2 cups chicken broth

1 cup quinoa

To prepare the salmon I put the filets into a large ziplock bag and added the salsa, brown sugar, vinegar, and olive oil..I let it sit for about 15 minutes while I let the oven heat up at 350 degrees. I then filled a tray half way with water and put that on the bottom rack and then put the salmon on the top rack where it cooked for 20 minutes. The tray of water helped to keep the salmon super moist!

To prepare the quinoa I let the chicken broth and quinoa come to a boil and then turned the hit down and let it simmer until all of the liquid had absorbed..about 20 minutes in all.

Finally, when the salmon had 5 minutes left I sautéed the kale in 1 tbsp. coconut oil, squeezing half the lemon on top and adding the garlic as well.

Then, I simply spooned everything out and topped with the avocado, making 3 dinner sized portions and 1 lunch sized portion left over!

week 2 friday dinner

Dessert was popcorn and easter candy (aka peeps, robins eggs, etc.), which my sisters and I enjoyed while watching the movie Pitch Perfect! That movie is absolutely hilarious and Fat Amy seriously cracks me up the entire time!! Perfect sister bonding night if you ask me!

week 2 friday snack

Saturday I woke up and had a banana and a luna bar while I got ready to go beach camping! My friend picked me up and we drove down PCH to Dana Point where we spent the day enjoying the nice weather, beach views, and eating delicious food like french toast, eggs, potatoes, pita chips, hummus, carrots, skittles, caprese, chicken sausage links, angus beef burgers, trail mix, rolos, and most importantly s’moores!!!

week 2 saturday smoores


As you can see in this pic we took some s’moores risk topping double stuffed oreos with marshmallows, and adding rolos to others, for an untraditional mix on this classic camping food! Lets just say I was stuffed and tired after this awesome day in the sun!

Then, Sunday was obviously St. Patty’s day and my family went to church and then had brunch at a seaside restaurant close to home.

Check out the view we had while we ate…

week 2 sunday brunch

It’s times like this that I realize how lucky I am to live so close to the beach!! I enjoyed an eggbeater omelet with avocado, tomato, and mushrooms, with a side of orange toast (super thick and delicious slightly orange flavored toast, topped with butter and orange marmalade…aka one of the best things I have ever eaten!)

After hitting up the gym and getting my nails done with my sister I took a nap and woke up to enjoy some carrots/cheese/& bread before dinner which was corned beef and cabbage! A truly Irish meal for sure!

This weekend was super fun and filled with so many good times! Though I still feel stuffed today I am trying to get back on track with my eating, enjoying a yogurt parfait for breakfast this morning…

week 3 monday breakfast

1 contained of Blueberry Coconut Milk yogurt, strawberries, blackberries, 2 big spoonfuls of plain greek yogurt, and topped with peanut butter granola..yummy in my tummy!!!

I will be back later to post today’s lunch and plan for my workout this afternoon! Everybody enjoy your morning/afternoons!

family picture

Me with my sister Catherine and brother William after mass super early yesterday morning!!! Gotta love family selfies 🙂

listening to your body when working out…

breakfast week 2 thursday

Heyyyy urybody…so before I get to this wonderful breakfast I would like to start today’s post with a little discussion of overworking yourself at the gym…the inspiration coming from my time at the gym last night and this morning!

So last night I didn’t end up getting to the gym until like 5:40, which is late for me because I tend to normally get there around 5:25ish. Anyways, I was short on time and also had to leave by 6:30 because I was meeting friends at 7:30 and had to shower and pack my meals for today in that 1 hour time period! Anyways, after creating my workout yesterday afternoon I quickly realized I was going to have to switch things up and so I decided to shorten my run and save arms for this morning. Good thing I made this plan because let me tell you my legs were a burnin’ during my run!! Like seriously I don’t know if I am still sore from when I injured my leg back in November or if maybe my inclines have gotten the best of me, but the weird thing is I could probably run more but  my legs started to feel like they were going to fall off after about 25 minutes last night! Anyways, I ended up doing 43 min. of my treadmill workout and then I completed my ab sesh and was on my way by about 6:40! Not too shabby!

However, I would like to write a little about overworking yourself because I feel like it is fairly common to get in a habit of working out a certain amount of time or days or do the same routine and get stuck within certain boundaries. Sometimes I go to the gym with a plan and my body tells me that I will not be completing that plan! Sure it is one thing to push yourself and to try and gradually increase your weights or intervals or speed, but sometimes you also have to realize that going hard isn’t everything!

Some weeks are going to be busier than others and your body will most definitely react to your workouts in varying ways depending on how stressed you are/how much sleep you’ve gotten/what foods you have been eating/if you’re on your period…etc. so make sure to ease up if that’s what it is telling you! I know that sometimes an extra rest day one week can make me accomplish so much  more the following week because my body simply needed a chance to recover! Try to listen to these cues and make sure to realize that one day off or one day of a different routine could most definitely be a good thing 🙂

Anyways, on to breakfast for today which was….

breakfast week 2 thursday close up

1 6 oz. container Pineapple Greek Yogurt

1/3 c. rolled oats

2 spoonfuls chia seeds

dash of vanilla almond milk

sprinkle of coconut (yes I know dash and sprinkle aren’t acurate modes of measurement, but I just kind of put in an amount I thought was right and have no idea exactly how much it was..so ya’ll will just have to make do with my super vague measurements haha)

morning I topped oats with 1/2 banana, 3 strawberries, and a splash more almond milk..yummy!!! made me feel like it was already summer time..plus the weather has been so nice here in so cal that between this breakfast and the warm sun rays i feel like i am on a tropical vacation!

My workout this morning also looked something like this:


blue template

Plus the arm section of my workout from yesterday! Felt good to mix things up and work on machines that I hadn’t done recently 🙂

staying away from the scale & numbers…

bored 3 Oh hey everybody..just wanted to include a selfie so you can think of this smiling face saying good morning! haha

But really, this post is a little serious and is going to focus on my recent freak out. During my eating disorder I become obsessed with how much I weighed and what size I wore. Being my height and build throughout high school I had weighed roughly 130 pounds due to my high levels of activity ( I swam for both my school and a club team year round!) and had been a size 3-7 depending on where I was shopping and how active I was. Anyways, I never remember my weight being an issue and I pretty much ate whatever I wanted without really thinking about it. I know now I wasn’t eating all that healthy and at times I wasn’t completely happy with my body, but for the most part I was pretty content!

However, when I started losing weight I remember seeing the number on the scale plummet and since I had never been the girl who weighed in the 120s or below I was actually obsessed with keeping my weight very low because I felt that I was supposed to weigh in that range. However, obviously the numbers kept dropping and I was seriously undernourished, even dreaming about food because I was consuming so few calories. My hair was falling out, my teeth yellowing, my skin dry & dull, and no period for years. It was awful…yet every time I weighed myself i was happy when the number was lower than it had been the day before.

Since I have been in recovery I haven’t really weighed myself just because I know how much that number came to mean to me during my worst times. However, lately I had been feeling better and actually let myself look at the scale when my mom weighed me. I wasn’t even that freaked out after I saw it because I knew I was feeling healthier and happier, and that is what is most important to me now. Unfortunately I weighed myself this weekend for no reason and the number kind of freaked me out! It wasn’t like I had gained some crazy amount of weight, but for me it just seemed to be higher than what I had thought it was going to be. Monday I had kind of a bad eating day because I let the number get to my head, but then I was lying in bed thinking about things and I realized I can’t keep doing this to myself. My weight now is healthy and I am in no way fat or overweight at all! My hair is thicker, my skin glows, my teeth are whiter, and I have so much more energy than I did before! I can’t let that number get in the way of all the progress I have made and I am happy to say that I am not going to be weighing myself anytime soon! I am ready to love my body for what it is and what it does, not how much it weighs! I know that if I continue to live a healthy life and fill my body with nutrients and whole foods I will continue to improve my life and will be so much happier in the long run 🙂

Ok, so meals I haven’t posted yet…lunch yesterday

week 2 tuesday lunch


Easy, simple, full of protein, & kept me full! What more can you ask for in a lunch! Also, recently I have been trying to focus on keeping things pretty basic/simple. So less dressings/seasonings/etc. have been my goal and this meal definitely met those qualifications!

Dinner last night was boiled shrimp, an asian kale salad (with almonds/ginger vinaigrette, chives/& crispy wonton pieces), & some steamed carrots w/ a honey drizzle….I didn’t snap a pick because we sat down to dinner as a family last night and no phones or cameras are allowed, but the meal was delicious and very filling!

I also stuck to my planned workout last night, and was super glad I came with a plan because I know I would not have pushed myself that hard if I hadn’t! Unfortunately the stair climbers were occupied the entire time I was at the gym, so I made 10 min. on the elliptical work and then did some serious stretching last night at home!

my struggles with healthy eating

Before I dive into this topic I thought I would start by sharing my lunch from today…

lunch day 3

Yum, lots of colors and freggies galor!!!

First off was a kale salad with shredded chicken breast, pepitas, dried cranberries, and a poppyseed dressing….time for a close up of this beauty!

lunch day 3 close up salad

Then, on the side i enjoyed a fresh fruit salad courtesy of the cafe downstairs at work…

lunch day 3 close up fruit

Nom, Nom, Nom! These pictures make me want to eat this meal again…the colors just pop!!! YUMMMMM!

Anyways, I also wanted to post my elliptical workout from this morning, which was this…









































It was a good workout that challenged me, but also allowed my sore legs a little rest from running!

Now, on to healthy eating and the daily struggles I face after my eating disorder. One of the main things that pops out in my head is labeling foods as good or bad. For so long I wouldn’t eat something (mainly bread/rice/potatoes..aka carbs) because in my head thin people did NOT eat those types of foods! I stuck mainly to fruits & veggies, sometimes adding fish or chicken, but my carb intake was super low!!!

However, these days I have been trying to incorporate more carbs..easy ways are having a bagel or sandwich for lunch, adding granola to my yogurt, having oats in the morning, a dinner roll at night, crackers/pretzels as a snack, and I am also a huge fan of quinoa and brown rice as dinner sides! In fact, I have even put quinoa on top of salads in order to get in that carb at lunch! It really does make a difference when I add more carbs to my diet and I found myself sustained for longer amounts of time after eating them!

Another thing I am dealing with currently is mindless snacking before dinner. Typically what happens a lot with me is I will get home from the gym and I usually go pack my lunch for the next day right away! However, when i am doing this I tend to pick at things as I am preparing it and end up consuming lots of peanut butter, yogurt, granola, nuts, etc. I know that this is mindless snacking and unnecessary since I am going to be eating dinner relatively soon, yet for some reason I just can’t seem to help myself!

I am thinking maybe I should try and chew gum or eat dinner before packing my lunch…but I am just not sure what is going to work!! Hopefully I will be able to reign this in because some nights it does end up feeling like when I used to go into binge eating and I would really like to work on ending this and cutting out the picking at things all together! I have gotten better at work, but my goal for the next week is to try and think about if I am really hungry when I eat little bits here and there and if I am then to actually get a serving of whatever it is I want instead of just doing the whole munching thing!! Wish me luck 🙂

Eating Healthy on the Weekend

So, this weekend ended up being crazy busy and it got me thinking about how it is harder for me to eat healthy and at normal intervals/times during the weekend! Usually I give my self some leeway on weekends and allow myself to eat out a lot more and get things that I typically wouldn’t have during the week (baked goods/ice cream/red meat/fried food), but at the same time I have been feeling rather sluggish on Sunday nights lately and I think it probably has to do with the richer and heavier foods I am eating on Saturday and Sunday! I am thinking of trying to start making healthier versions of these foods and maybe trying to incorporate those in on weekends to see if that helps!! Also, I need to remember to try and incorporate a fat/carb/protein in most of my meals because I know that is the most effective way for me to curb my hunger and stay satisfied longer!!!

Anyways, the past couple days I have been having overnight oats for breakfast (topped with coconut/blueberries/raspberries/& blackberries), and since I just pictured those last week I thought I would take this morning to share my super easy dinner from last night with you and then give you an awesome treadmill workout that I did on Saturday and then a slightly shorter version last night!

First off…DINNER! A super easy pasta and veggie combo…

dinner day 2

My mom had already prepped some penne pasta and marinara sauce when I got home last night (a lot of times she will make a big portion of pasta or soup or something and just leave it out for everyone to have as they get home during the course of the night) and though I wasn’t in a pasta mood at first, the spicy marinara sauce was quite delicious and so I simply sautéed some broccoli, mushrooms, and carrots in a tbsp. of coconut oil and a tsp. of minced garlic and added that to my pasta base for a delicious and filling dinner!

Now on to…TREADMILL HILL/RUN INTERVAL WORKOUT!!! (Taken from Peanut Butter Fingers Blog..aka my favorite healthy living blog!!!)

























For minutes 17-29 repeat minutes 1-12



6.5/7.0 switching every minute































This workout seriously gets your glutes burning and then gets some great bursts of cardio in as well, so be prepared to be sweating up a storm when you are finished!!

A treadmill workout for those who don’t run!

So, let me start by saying that this workout is from last night at the gym, and it incorporates some jogging and intervals to create a workout ideal for those who are just starting to run or for someone wanting to push themselves hard, but not to their maximum energy expenditure.

I had been working on my running for about 5 months and was at about 5 and 1/2 miles in 55 minutes when I unfortunately hurt my leg and was basically doing elliptical workouts and strength training for about 2 months while I let my leg heal. I was initially kind of bummed out about this because I knew it meant my running endurance would suffer, but it was actually a great reminder to start switching up my workouts instead of focusing solely on just running! For me this was a huge wake-up call because I was so focused on running for as fast as I could and as long as I could, that I was actually overworking myself and going back to some of my disordered thinking (aka the need to burn calories and workout as often as possible instead of working out to feel good and gain strength/energy). I now have incorporated more time for strength training and other cardio machines so that my weekly workouts are challenging and fun and mix things up, AND I can also see my body changing in a more positive way where I now have more toned muscles! So, all in all my injury was a positive because it helped me to slow down and remember that disordered thinking can sneak back up on me if I’m not careful!

And, on that note I bring you my 48 minute (no, not 45 or 50) treadmill workout!!!

polka dot pattern

On top of this I also incorporated some EXTREME ABS!!! that my sister and I did together from a workout I got off of Pinterest….

Pinned Image