Shania Twain Motivates Me…

bored 2

Why hello! Just thought this gem of a pic would brighten up your morning! This is my little sister and I messing around…as we typically do and though I am not sure why we decided to take this pic? It seriously makes me smile every time I see it!

Anyways, on to last night’s workout! So, I tried out making my own workout and seriously I freaking loved it! The treadmill workout got me doing about 4.2 miles in 50 minutes with lots of hills and some sprints thrown in and let me just say I never got bored and I was sweating up a storm by the time I finished…

treadmill shot

Then,. I did my ab routine and that seriously was hardcore too!! It really pushed me to do more than I think I would have if I hadn’t written it out ahead of time…so I think I am going to try and make a plan for this evening again because I seriously loved having a plan that I had created and felt so accomplished when i was able to do everything I had written up!

But, let me also just say that yesterday afternoon when i left work I seriously was NOT feelin’ the gym! I was tired and had a slight headache and I seriously debated going home, plopping on my sweats, and watching reruns of 30 Rock while eating Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream!! However, I made myself start my workout and when I heard some old school Shania Twain come on my ipod I got some serious motivation!!! Shania Twain powered me through this treadmill workout and I was rockin’ out to her “Come On Over” CD like it was 1998! It was just what I needed and I left the gym feeling happier and more energized than I would have ever imagined!!

Ok, well I am off to finish my breakfast (Nutella/Coconut/Blackberry Overnight Oats…because why would i ever want to switch up my breakfast for anything other than overnight oats?) and I will check in later this afternoon, hopefully with a new workout to try tonight!!!